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Mon, Sep. 6th, 2004, 02:47 pm

1. Name?Katee
2. Nickname?Sparky
3. Location?treasure island,florida
4. Sex?female
5. Sexual Prefence?hetrosexual
6. Age?15
7. Favorite bands, artists, rappers...(etc)kittie,psychopathic,marilyn manson,jack-off-jill,metallica,misfits,
cradle of filth,kottonmouth kings...
8. Tattoos or Peircings? If so, do they represent something? If not, do you want some?I have a tattoo,I got it from my friend it's a "K" with blood dripping down it.It's special because my best friend Billy gave it to me.
And I had my tongue pierced but I had to take it out because the bottom was closed...And now I have my navel pierced.
9. What are your hobbies?sleeping,hanging out with friends,& trying to skateboard.
10. What do you enjoy about yourself?personality,i have a really good one once you get to know me.
11. What do you hate (in general)?people who aren't who they seem to be,meanies,& people who try to change others.
12. Favorite movies?the smokers,slc punk,tart,thirteen,kids,& life as a house
13. Favorite books?Poetry books...
14. Do you enjoy gore?(blood, guts, violence?) Why or why not?Yes,I think it's hot...
15. Are you racist, sexist, ect.?no
16. Do you smoke?yes
17. Do you drink?yes
18. Are you or have you been into the 'drug scene'?not really
19. What type of drugs have you done or do?weed...
20. What type of people do you enjoy?my own type of people:goths,punks,juggalos & juggalettes...
21. Do you enjoy pain or causing pain?Yes...
22. Do you ejoy nudity?it's ok
23. Name a porn you have watched and enjoyed. If you have none, just put none.none
24. Fav. Sex postion and why? If you are virginal, just put virgin.
25. Name some social disorders you think you have.
26. Do you think you are sexy?no...
27. Describe yourself. either post a picture and if you do not have one, describe your height, eye and hair color, skin color, body compostion, etc..etc..Blonde hair,blue eyes,5'3",and I'm not sure of my weight I lost some...But I think I might be 150lbs...
28. What do you think of relationships?Full of shit...
29. Anything else you want to share?no