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Mon, Sep. 27th, 2004, 10:17 pm
stpdlilfuck: kinky..

1. Name? Jen
2. Nickname? Otis
3. Location? Baltimore, Maryland
4. Sex? i love it. =D
5. Sexual Prefence? hetrosexual
6. Age? look
7. Tattoos or Peircings? If so, do they represent something? If not, do you want some? my ears. no tattoo's. i want a tattoo of eeyore, cherries, a heart that says richi and a rainbow. i want my clit and nipples pierced.
8. What are your hobbies? parties, i like to be kinky, hanging with friends and just most likely going out.
9. What do you enjoy about yourself? i guess my personality and my love life.
11. Favorite movies? nightmare before xmas, poc, pm, breakfast club, ghost ship..many others!
12. Are you racist, sexist, ect.? bwahaha. sorry, but i'm racist. i hate black people. kkk all the way! =D
13. What type of people do you enjoy? down to earth, funny, outgoing, people who love to party.
14. Do you enjoy pain or causing pain? none.
15. Do you ejoy nudity? i love being naked.
16. Name a porn you have watched and enjoyed. If you have none, just put none. ~ i watched one with my boyfriend, it was alright. =\
17. Fav. Sex postion and why? If you are virginal, just put virgin. ~ i have too many. hehe!
18. Do you think you are sexy? meh. other's do..
19. Describe yourself. either post a picture and if you do not have one, describe your height, eye and hair color, skin color, body compostion, etc..etc.. ~

yes i know, i'm not that pretty, but oh well.

20. What do you think of relationships? i'm in one.
21. Anything else you want to share? i love sex.
drink? CAPTAIN MORGAN, vodka and any other hard liquor baby!
smoke? nope nope.eva
music? psychopathic records, kmk, METALLICA, korn, some rap, mudvayne, ROB/WHITE ZOMBIE, kittie, evanescence, def leppard, van halen, pink floyd, led zepplin, lacuna coil, pantera/sjr ( thanks to my baby <33 ) =] ), mushroomhead, seether, some country music!, SLIPKNOT, coal chamber, devildriver, disturbed, old drowning pool ( RIP Dave <3 ), in flames, KSE, and many many more.

Wed, Sep. 29th, 2004 09:14 am (UTC)
idontgiveashit4: Yup yup...

FINALLY!!! you post an entry with your application...Your really fucking pretty,i'll be making you a mod since im the only other...
Thanks for promoting...

Fri, Oct. 8th, 2004 12:38 pm (UTC)

yo wuddup. very cute! the captin great an all, but i prefer Jackie..lol, sry, how rude, names chris...i found u kinda randomly but yeah, places to go, bongs to smoke, so im out.peace