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dirty_lil_girls's Journal

Let's get down and dirty...
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This is dirty_lil_girls where the ladies can say whatever they want,if it's really dirty this is the place to be...
Let your dirty minds unleash in this world full of sickos and perverts...ENJOY!!!!

1.This community is for any girl who want's to be nasty...
2.No calling anyone a slut...(Remember we are all equal in here)
3.Sadly this is a rating community,to see who's the dirtiest(not hygiene wise) 4.Like all communities no bitching any mod/mods out...
5.You can post any type of pictures on here you want:naked pics, piercings, anything that interest you.
6.Everyone accepted is allowed to rate,you can be as brutal as you want.
But you cannot bitch back,sorry...


Fill out the application if you wish to join:

1. Name?
2. Nickname?
3. Location?
4. Age?
5. Genre?
6. Sexual Prefence?
7. What do you enjoy about yourself?
8. What do you look for in a sex partner?
9. Do you have any fetishes?
10. Do you like me in the nude?
11. Name a porn you have watched and enjoyed. If you have none, just put none.
12. Fav. Sex postion and why? If you are a virgin,just put virgin.
13. Do you think you are sexy?
14. Describe yourself. post a picture 1 or 2 will do and if you do not have one, describe your height, eye and hair color, skin color, body compostion, etc..etc..
15. What do you think of your past sex relationships?
16. Anything else you want to share?

Good Luck!!!!


Name: Jen
Nickname: Otis
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Genre: Female. =D
Sexuality: hetrosexual